Longer gloves in a color other than black or brown add a sense of the fanciful to this winter necessity. Lavender, the sleeper-hit hue of the season, has an unexpected freshness. Also consider bright hues or pale neutrals. Gilt Groupe´s Wilkis Wilson suggests having fun with aubergine or a rich jewel tone. And she points out, "Fingerless gloves, ideally in cashmere, are a must-have for iPhone users." louis vuitton outlet Claudia, who is tall and lanky herself, has had the best luck with jeans from Old Navy and the Macy´s brand Epic Threads. For corduroys, she likes Ralph Lauren, available at department stores. Another tall, lean 11-year-old, Chicagoan Shannon O´Toole, loves the jeans and cords at Gap and showed me why: There´s a piece of elastic with buttons inside the waistband to adjust for a perfect fit.

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